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The Boyfriend List by E Lockhart

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The Boyfriend List by E Lockhart
Pages: 256
Pub Date: September 26, 2006
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis:Ruby Oliver is 15 and has a shrink. She knows it's unusual, but give her a break -- she's had a rough 10 days. In the past 10 days she:
lost her boyfriend (#13 on the list),lost her best friend (Kim),lost all her other friends (Nora, Cricket),did something suspicious with a boy (#10),did something advanced with a boy (#15),had an argument with a boy (#14),drank her first beer (someone handed it to her),got caught by her mom (ag!),had a panic attack (scary),lost a lacrosse game (she's the goalie),failed a math test (she'll make it up), hurt Meghan's feelings (even though they aren't really friends),became a social outcast (no one to sit with at lunch) and had graffiti written about her in the girls' bathroom (who knows what was in the boys'!?!).But don't worry -- Ruby lives to tell the tale. And make more lists.

The Boyfriend List is the first novel in the Ruby Oliver series. This was hilarious. You just had to laugh, and cry as Ruby suffered through her worst year in highschool. She had practically everything. And then she ruined it. Time put into a reptuation taht was ruined with one single kiss. Oh and her best friend took her boyfriend. Just lovely. Right? The Boyfriend List is the type of book where you just sit there and laugh thinking, "This wont ever happen to me!" But hey you never know! This could easily be you next week. The girl with no friends, no boyfriend, labeled as a slut, oh and seeing a shrink because of panic attacks. No one wants to be in that situation. But lets face it, all teenagers put themselves there. Great book, great message. Completely loved it.


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