Monday, August 2, 2010

13 Predictions for MOCKINGJAY

Written by Ari at 10:28 PM
Do You Agree? 
I honestly could have gone further, but I stopped at 13 for the irony of it :)
  • Haymitch will sacrifice himself for Katniss
  • Katniss will die
  • Her mother will die and she will feel guilt, as Prim misses her and is depressed, but she feels nothing.
  • The capital falls
  • President Snow chokes on blood
  • It turns out President Snow puts all the tongues of those servant thigns in a blender and consumes them. That is why his breath smells like blood.
  • Katniss becomes a dictator of all humanity
  • she LITERALLY becomes the girl on fire
  • Cinna dies of gold poisoning
  • The red head kills President Snow as he tries to kill Katniss
  • It turns out its all a terrible dream, like inception
  • It turns out her father never died, that the capital has him locked somewhere, and they are re-united at the end.


UPDATE: I realized that I forgot Peeta, and I thought of a few more ;)

Haha I realized I didnt mention Peeta in my predictions! So I CONTINUE!

  • He will be kidnapped, and kept as a slave in Kelsey Dickson's kitchen being forced to cook bread for her for the rest of time
  • He will marry Prim, because Katniss is to  good for him so he settles for second best
  • His leg magically regrows and he dies because his leg explodes, because he never takes the fake one off.
  • He becomes the spokesman for RACE FOR A CURE
  • He takes over the world and makes us all live off of bread.
  • He takes over the world and passes a law that says, just because you burn bread, doesnt mean your mother should slap you
  • He turns out to be a cyborg that trolls the earth for the rest of time tryign to find Katniss, even though she i dead.
  • He dies
  • He turns out to be gay and skips off with Gale
  • He falls in love with teh redhead
  • He shoves a knife down his throat committing suicide at teh loss of Katniss.
  • He ends up working in the mines for all eternity and ends up blowing up, just like Katniss' father, and because they are married she will be devastated, then run off to the imaginary district 13 and marry Gale.

The others:
  • Katniss ditches everyone, fakes her death, and runs off to district 13 to take over the world
  • Haymitch takes over the world, by starting with District 13.
  • They all end up dead in a ditch with their blood sucked out by President Snow
  • President Snow turns out to really be Edward Cullen and he gives Panem to Nessie as a gift, she then presumes to kill Katniss, just because she is a jealous **** who thinks she was shooting googly eyes at Jacob
  • They all commit suicide.
  • The whole series rewinds and makes it so Katniss didnt step in for Prim
  • Rue comes back from the dead and saves the world. Her superhero name is BIRD CALLER
Okay I think thats it :)



    stacy - said...

    LOL! I acutally thought several times that Gale might end up with the mayors daughter!

    Ari said...

    Haha then I guess Im not alone! :D

    Nyxen Nadine said...

    I love that last one!

    Ari said...

    Haha I figured it would be appreciated :P

    gabrywrites said...

    I wouldn't mind if Gale ends up with Madge, but if he doesn't live I will get upset. So what about Peeta? I'd have a little fit if it turns out the last one came true AND it turns out Katniss was having a dream and she woke up and she lived in our world right now and then went to get a banana smoothie, that would be a kill joy.

    Ari said...

    A lot of people seem to think hell end up with Madge :P haha. Peeta... we decided someone gets to keep him in their kitchen and have him bake bread for them for an eternity XD It would be a kill joy, but it was fun to put down ;)

    Marie said...

    I havent read this series yet, but I love when people post predictions! Someone did it for Breaking Dawn a few years ago and they were actually right, except for two! lol

    Ari said...

    Haha well I have a feeling most of these wont be write ;) But they are still fun!

    courtneyreads said...

    I saw "He dies"... That deserves a *SLAP*!

    Ari said...


    Anonymous said...

    What the heck!!! I dont think that any of that stuff will happen! Like really? Why would President Snow blend peoples tongues and eat them? Really? Peeta couldnt be gay because he's in love with Katniss! Think here people!!!

    Ari said...

    Guess what anonymous, they are just for FUN! I dont care if they happen or not!

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