Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Girls by Tucker Shaw

Written by Ari at 12:49 AM
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The Girls by Tucker Shaw
Pages: 208
Pub Date: April 1, 2009
Author Website/Blog: N/A
Synopsis: This modern retelling of the classic play "The Women" by Clare Booth Luce is a quick-witted, stylish comedy about friendship, love, and most important, gossip. An elite Aspen prep school sets the stage for jealousy and intrigue as the lives of many girls intertwine and tangle into a wickedly fun mess.

I doubted The Girls when I saw that it was a book written by a guy, about being stuck in the world and life of a girl. But he actually did really well. His goal in the story was to capture the idea of the play "The Women" I have never seen it but based on the fact that not a single man appears (physically) in The Women and not a single boy (physically) appears in The Girls I would have to say he achieved his goal. I loved the story, even if a lot of the girls were not my favorite characters. I loved every bit of this story. I also enjoyed the recipes at the end. Great book.


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