Monday, August 30, 2010

Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

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Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway
Pages: 320
Pub Date: April 10, 2008
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: California high school student Audrey Cuttler dumps self-involved Evan, the lead singer of a little band called The Do-Gooders. Evan writes, Audrey, Wait!, a break-up song thats so good it rockets up the billboard charts. And Audrey is suddenly famous!Now rabid fans are invading her school. Peopleis running articles about her arm-warmers. The lead singer of the Lolitas wants her as his muse. (And the Internet is documenting her every move!) Audrey cant hang out with her best friend or get with her new crush without being mobbed by fans and paparazzi.Take a wild ride with Audrey as she makes headlines, has outrageous amounts of fun, confronts her ex on MTV, and gets the chance to show the world who she really is.

AAAH! It was just amazing. I mean once again, I wanted to punch her best friend by the end of the story but still amazing!! Okay so granted Robins book "The Extraordinary Secrets Of April, May and June." doesnt look AMAZING! But I did love Audrey, Wait! I originally read it because I was in a small slump with my FF writing and this MAJORLY helped. And I fell in love with it :) Really, Audrey is such a dynamic character. You just fall in love with her and her crazy world. I just fell in love with how she reacts to fame, she takes it totally differently then most girls who know someone famous :) She doesnt try to ruin it for everyone. She just wants to be left alone. Really, its an amazing book about a girl who struggles to stay down to earth as paparazzi and her ex's fame start to peel apart her life.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flash Burnout by LK Madigan

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Flash Burnout by LK Madigan
Pages: 320
Pub Date: October 19, 2009
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: Fifteen-year-old Blake has a girlfriend and a friend who’s a girl. One of them loves him; the other one needs him. When he snapped a picture of a street person for his photography homework, Blake never dreamed that the woman in the photo was his friend Marissa’s long-lost meth addicted mom. Blake’s participation in the ensuing drama opens up a world of trouble, both for him and for Marissa. He spends the next few months trying to reconcile the conflicting roles of Boyfriend and Friend. His experiences range from the comic (surviving his dad’s birth control talk) to the tragic (a harrowing after-hours visit to the morgue). In a tangle of life and death, love and loyalty, Blake will emerge with a more sharply defined snapshot of himself

When I first read the synopsis for the book, I honestly didnt feel like reading it. But after reading all the books in the YA section of the library I recognized this book and wondered "what the heck..." So I am actually glad I picked it up. Okay, so I WAS a bit confused at parts, but oh well. It was still really good. I guess a novel like this becomes confusing with such an odd back story for a character like Marissa. Lets face it, not all of us see these things in our daily lives, which makes a book like this one we HAVE to read to understand what its like. I know a lot of people rather read about people who actually suffer from an addiction, but this story is like A Tension Of Opposites, its a really good story about how the side lines view the situation and how they deal with it. It really is a great novel,  and it really just shows us a lot about the issues addictions cause in peoples lives, even if its only through knowing someone.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


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So, before I end the series *sob* on saturday I would just like to let you all know what TEAM I am for the HUNGER GAMES SERIES!!!

Hell yeah ;)

Looking For Alaska by John Green

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Looking For Alaska by John Green
Pages: 221
Pub Date: December 28, 2006
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: Before. Miles "Pudge" Halter is done with his safe life at home. His whole life has been one big non-event, and his obsession with famous last words has only made him crave "the Great Perhaps" even more (Francois Rabelais, poet). He heads off to the sometimes crazy and anything-but-boring world of Culver Creek Boarding School, and his life becomes the opposite of safe. Because down the hall is Alaska Young. The gorgeous, clever, funny, sexy, self-destructive, screwed up, and utterly fascinating Alaska Young. She is an event unto herself. She pulls Pudge into her world, launches him into the Great Perhaps, and steals his heart. Then . . . After. Nothing is ever the same.

So blech, to the before chunk. I had no idea what was going on. It was just plain confusing, and to be honest, dull. I mean, the book itself was amazing. But for some reason  with books the beginning always bores me. And takes me a few days to get into. I mean, I heard amazing things about this book, and I absolutely adored Paper Towns, but blech. I probably should cut him some slack, it was his first novel. But blaah its hurting me just to write this review. Yes the first chunk of this book was that painful. I think I should just end my pain here with these words. Stick with comedy.

Edited Warning

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So I wont get my copy till this weekend.

So, heres an extended warning.

If you post a spoiler on twitter, I will HIDE your account until I complete the book.

You post a spoiler on your blog I temporarly unfollow you until I complete the book.

Good? Good.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spells by Aprilynne Pike

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Spells by Aprilynne Pike
Pages: 359
Pub Date: May 4, 2010
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: Six months have passed since Laurel saved the gateway to the faerie realm of Avalon. Now she must spend her summer there, honing her skills as a Fall faerie. But her human family and friends are still in mortal danger--and the gateway to Avalon is more compromised than ever.When it comes time to protect those she loves, will she depend on David, her human boyfriend, for help? Or will she turn to Tamani, the electrifying faerie with whom her connection is undeniable?

So um.... I dont remember what I said about Wings, I just remember I didnt think it was the GREATEST novel in the world. And this one well... Would it be appropriate to say that I had to murder far more than the first half of this novel??  Haha just like the last one the beginning wanted me to kill myself, the middle had me slitting my wrists, and the ending made me smile. Its an odd combination ;) Most of the action doesnt happen till the end. The beginning continues with the tradition of boring facts about education. Gag. Haha but of course once the trolls make an appearance everything is better :) Thank you trolls, for making the story somewhat interesting.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


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Warning readers and other bloggers.


Prepare to die *sets up Hunger Games Arena*

Yup, I will go that far. So this is your warning.

Dont do it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Castration Celebration by Jake Wizner

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Castration Celebration by Jake Wizner
Pages: 291
Pub Date: May 26, 2009
Author Website/Blog: N/A
Synopsis: Did you know that in imperial China, eunuchs had their testicles, penis and scrotum removed? Olivia does. She's done the research--after walking in on her dad fooling around with one of his grad students. On her way to an arts summer camp at Yale University, she's decided to write a musial called Castration Celebration Max, on the other hand, is a big fan of the penis--intact. As an actor, he always has the right line, especially for the ladies. He's going to camp to hone his skills, both acting and otherwise. And when Olivia and Max meet...oh, the drama! Olivia and Max have their roles down pat. Before camp is over, they'll preform Olivia's musical onstage and in real life--though the ending may turn out different than either expects. Peppered with original songs like "Horny," "I'm in Love with Dick," and the titular, "Castration Celebration," Jake Wizner's a whole new level in a bawdy uproarious romp that's laugh-out-loud funny.

Oh my god this was just hilarious. It was so inappropriate, but so hilarious. Im pretty sure the day I read this I locked myself away and yelled at someone when I was interrupted. I just couldnt stop reading. I was DYING to know what punchy line, or what real life issues would infuse themselves together. I honestly dont see, how a book that is supposed to be serious, can also be funny. I guess this book is a new wonder of the world. It truly is perfect for a girl who just had a break up, for any girl that has been continuously scorned by boys, or any one with a vendetta against a man. Please though, do not do what the book does as a solution to those problems :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Makes A Novel A Classic (My opinion)

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We all have at least one "classic" sitting on our bookshelves right now, left over from high school. It could be any  novel. The only real requirement, in our eyes as teenagers, is that it must be BORING. If a book is BORING then it is a classic. But adults turn around and claim, a classic is a novel that has been around for a certain set amount of time (that no one ever tells us) and creates an impact in society.

So does that mean in 100 years Twilight will be a classic?

I doubt it.

Now defines a classic as:
an author or a literary work of the first rank, esp. one of demonstrably enduring quality.
an author or literary work of ancient Greece or Rome.
classics, the literature and languages of ancient Greece and Rome (often prec. by the ).
an artist or artistic production considered a standard.
a work that is honored as definitive in its field: His handbook on mushrooms is a classic.

Now, honestly, I feel we cant label any book as a classic. Because honestly, when Great Expectations was first sitting there waiting to be read, no one considered it a classic. They probably treated it how all novels are for the first chunk of their career.

They ignored it.

Also, I feel that in a 100 years, if Twilight is being called a classic, then the world will end.

I wouldn't want my (some number of greats) grandchildren to be sitting in a classroom their freshmen year being handed a paranormal romance that frankly, isnt all that well written.

I wouldnt want them to sit there as their teacher tells them that it is a long lived classic.

I do NOT want them watching the movies.

There are just some things in this world that we as humans try to dissect.

Defining a book as a classic is one of those.

In my opinion we should just stop calling books classics all together! We shouldnt make one book better than the other just because of one word. We should let the books live together in peace, and stop waiting on the side lines as some are put on the tables in bookstores and others sit hidden behind best selling novels on teh shelves.

That is a major FAIL on our parts as humans. And I am going to stop doing that.

I am going to stop calling novels classics, I am going to stop giving certain novels more attention, and DARN IT Im going to tell my english teacher this! Ill print this out for her if needed!

We are letting how we pick up a book and read be chosen by adults who label them for us.

If we keep the status of classic novels, then let US as TEENS decide also. We are the ones who become confused as to what is and what isnt, and WHAT makes it a classic.

Classics, BE GONE!




Monday, August 16, 2010

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

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Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
Pages: 310
Pub Date: April 6, 2010
Synopsis:  One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two teens—both named Will Grayson—are about to cross paths. As their worlds collide and intertwine, the Will Graysons find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, building toward romantic turns-of-heart and the epic production of history’s most fabulous high school musical. Hilarious, poignant, and deeply insightful, John Green and David Levithan’s collaborative novel is brimming with a double helping of the heart and humor that have won both them legions of faithful fans.

Haha I was expecting it to be some Will Grayson,  Will Grayson romance! I wasnt expecting it to be Will Grayson and Will Grayson's best GAY friend :P But hey obviously that tells you how often I read books like this :P But it was good! Way better than what I was expecting from these two. They honestly went above and beyond. It really focused on Tiny's play but that really caused all the drama. Haha but at least the drama wasnt about relationships that are completely and utterly fake when it comes to gays. If a relationship ended it was becuase of real issues such as, commitment, or the ability to trust. It wasnt like "I cant be gay anymore." So that really made the book even better. I know most of you have read it already, but for those of you considering it pick it up :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Swoon At Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter

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Swoon At Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter
Pages: 368
Pub Date: April 5, 2010
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: It’s the summer before senior year and Polly Martin has sworn off boys. Who needs the hurt and confusion? Five recent breakups have left her with an unnatural knowledge of NASCAR, the ultimate hiker’s outfit, a student council position, the sixth highest score on the Donkey Kong machine at the mall, and a summer job at Wild Waves with ex #2 Sawyer Holmes.
Success seems a sure thing when Polly’s grandmother, the syndicated advice columnist, Miss Swoon, moves in for the summer. Polly almost doesn’t mind sharing a room with her little sister, Grace. Think of all the great advice she’ll get! Everything is going according to plan except... Miss Swoon turns out to be a man-crazy septuagenarian! And then there’s Xander Cooper. If only he wouldn’t keep showing up at Wild Waves with his adorable cousins every afternoon — and what is he writing in that little notebook? No advice column in the world can prepare Polly for the lessons she learns when she goes on a group camping trip (with three too many ex-boyfriends). Polly is forced to see people for who they are — a blend of good and bad qualities that can’t be reduced to a list or a snappy answer in a Miss Swoon column.

I loved My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters, so I HAD to check out this novel (i dont want to read Jungle Crossing, not my type) And Swoon At Your Own Risk is really, really good :P It was a cute novel, that is really a chick novel. So guys, you probably wont like it. Unless you enjoy pools, drama, and boys :P (this is not saying you wont enjoy FORGET YOU, thats a whole other story :P) It honestly, (in my opinion) was ranged for 12-15 year old girls. It had that cute fluffy drama they enjoy, it had the sweet obvious romance they all LIVE for. I mean other than those things, I enjoyed the book. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Split by Swati Avashti (2010 Debut Book)

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Split by Swati Avashti
Pages: 282
Pub Date: March 9, 2010
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: Sixteen-Year-Old Jace Witherspoon arrives at the doorstep of his estranged brother Christian with a re-landscaped face (courtesy of his father’s fist), $3.84, and a secret. He tries to move on, going for new friends, a new school, and a new job, but all his changes can’t make him forget what he left behind—his mother, who is still trapped with his dad, and his ex-girlfriend, who is keeping his secret.
At least so far.Worst of all, Jace realizes that if he really wants to move forward, he may first have to do what scares him most: He may have to go back. First-time novelist Swati Avasthi has created a riveting and remarkably nuanced portrait of what happens after. After you’ve said enough, after you’ve run, after you’ve made the split — how do you begin to live again?

This novel, truly horrified. I think I read it about 2 weeks ago, its still haunting me. Every time I read about something as simple as someone getting punched, my mind flashes back to Split. It's actually scary how much this novel teaches us about a world, most of us are sheltered from. We all tend to take our lives for granted. We forget about people like the characters of Split. This book, it sends a real, solid, scary message. It makes us wonder, why is it, before such a haunting novel, would I never have truly realized such a horrible home? This book opens our eyes to the true tragedies that haunt the world. You will never see the world the same way again.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Braken (2010 Debut Novel)

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Brightly Woven by Alexandra Braken
Pages: 368
Pub Date: March 23, 2010
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: Sydelle Mirabil is living proof that, with a single drop of rain, a life can be changed forever. Tucked away in the farthest reaches of the kingdom, her dusty village has suffered under the weight of a strangely persistent drought. That is, of course, until a wizard wanders into town and brings the rain with him. In return for this gift, Wayland North is offered any reward he desires—and no one is more surprised than Sydelle when, without any explanation, he chooses her. Taken from her home, Sydelle hardly needs encouragement to find reasons to dislike North. He drinks too much and bathes too little, and if that isn’t enough to drive her to madness, North rarely even uses the magic he takes such pride in possessing. Yet, it’s not long before she realizes there’s something strange about the wizard, who is as fiercely protective of her as he is secretive about a curse that turns his limbs a sinister shade of black and leaves him breathless with agony. Unfortunately, there is never a chance for her to seek answers. Along with the strangely powerful quakes and storms that trace their path across the kingdom, other wizards begin to take an inexplicable interest in her as well, resulting in a series of deadly duels. Against a backdrop of war and uncertainty, Sydelle is faced with the growing awareness that these events aren’t as random as she had believed—that no curse, not even that of Wayland North, is quite as terrible as the one she herself may carry

Okay to be honest I wasn't going to read this book, but my librarian came up to me asking about it, and said "well it was written by Alex who used to go here, so Ive been trying to find it" So I decided to read it, you know be a good little mustang :) Honestly, the first time I heard about this book I smirked and went, "ew." So really quickly I would like to say ALEX! THANK YOU FOR GOING TO MY MIDDLE SCHOOL! I would NEVER have read this book if she didnt go there! And I am really glad I did! It is amazing. It really seemed like a weaving of different fairy tales we grew up on. Well at least to me. It had a great back story and it really held a great story about one of the main characters NORTH. The story doesn't really focus on him but if you look hard enough you find a whole story that revolves around him. This book was so gorgeous. It was hard NOT to fall in love with the characters, okay so I hated the people from the village, and was cheering on North but what does that matter?? I LOVED this book! It is amazing, beautifully written, and simply makes me want to hit the characters! But hey thats what makes it great :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rules Of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

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Rules Of Attraction by Simone Elkeles
Pages: 324
Pub Date: April 27, 2010
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis:When Carlos Fuentes returns to America after living in Mexico for a year, he doesn’t want any part of the life his older brother, Alex, has laid out for him at a high school in Colorado . Carlos likes living his life on the edge and wants to carve his own path—just like Alex did. Then he meets Kiara Westford. She doesn’t talk much and is completely intimidated by Carlos’ wild ways. As they get to know one another, Carlos assumes Kiara thinks she’s too good for him, and refuses to admit that she might be getting to him. But he soon realizes that being himself is exactly what Kiara needs right now.

I absolutely LOVE this series, however I think I may have to stick with book number one. I couldnt really connect with these characters as well. Also the rich guy bailing Carlos out all the time started to annoy me, it wasnt like Perfect Chemistry where he had to figure everything out on his own. This one it was pointless really. It annoyed me to no end, Carlos was just a whiny little boy, and the only drama was when he gets beat up. Yup so much fun. It was a romance. And not even a good one to boot. Simone, I love you, but please dont make the third book play copy cat, and if it does at least make it do it correctly.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Courtney, I love you :)

Written by Ari at 2:39 PM
Do You Agree? 


But now I must do the following *groan* *work*

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.
4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

7 Things (That I hate about you :P JK Hate Miley!)

1. I have a strong prejuidice against E-Readers. If someone tries to convince me to purchase one I hit htem.
2. I dont truly have a favorite book, I know weird, I mean theres a book I LOVE but that doesnt mean I would wnat to be buried with it.
3. I hate the Jonas Brothers.
4. I prefer YA books in a boys POV, especially if they are trying to be a comedy.
5. I actually prefer a lot of things in a boys POV.
6. Im sorta gender neutral. Not into sports and stuff but not into dancing and skirts.
7. I prefer finding new, smaller blogs, I rather help someone get started in teh blogosphere :)

And now *drumroll please* THE 15 BLOGGERS WHO I PRESENT THIS GORGEOUS AWARD TO!!!!!!!

DforDarla's Definite Reads - She is so sweet, I mean she just started out so she has one or two reviews, but her stories from meeting authors are just adorable.

Live, Laugh, Love - She is so adorable! And she reminds me of my friend Kim, they are both OBSESSED with Jane Austen :)

Lost In A Book Reviews - These girls are HILARIOUS! They are just such great partners in crime I HAD to give them this award!

IB Book Blogging - So awesome :P And her blog is gorgeous. Oh and she kinda lives in AZ. For me thats a win ;)

Fictionally Yours - EEK! So her site is mostly fun arts and crafts that are YA related. Okay so they arent reviews, but theres no  rule that says it must be reviews!!!

Nyxen's Sidewalk Journey Through Life - Love her, shes so sweet, one of the nicest people you will ever meet and she does a great job :)

Sleep. Eat. Read - She is to sweet, and way to nice. Oh and her blog is gorgeous. Lets face it, another fun person ;)

A Teen Bookie - Met her through my contest, and I just love her blog. Shes been doing this since February, has a ton more posts than me, and she has like 35 followers. Something wrong there.

The Guide To Good Books - This girl is going somewhere, she has all the right ideas for a new blogger, good reviews with a sprinkle of shameless self promotion ;)

Its Just Life As I know It - Haha I love the rain background and her posts like "Can your brain really explode?" Shes unique, gotta lvoe that :)

WeFreadom - Her profile picture is a penguin. Enough said.

Beautifully Broken - Another person who randomly popped up, but will deserve it in years when she is ruling the universe ;)

Vision Quest Fail - Is it so wrong the main reason I did this was cuz hte title sounds funny?? I dont know why, it just makes me laugh :P

Loud Words & Sounds - Im beginning to run out of things to say #meltedbrain. So Ill say... Its so pretty! Oh and its one of those ones with more than one person running it ;)

I think ill just give the last one to Reading Or Breathing I mean she already got it, but shes my friend, and she writes essays for reviews :P


Ari :)

The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy (2010 Debut Book)

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The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy
Pages: 320
Pub Date: April 13, 2010
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: When the Prom Queen becomes your fairy godmother… Sixteen year old outsider, Jess Parker, gets the chance of a lifetime: an invitation to join a secret society of popular girls dedicated to defeating the mean girls of the world. The Cinderella Society guides all new recruits through its top secret ultimate life makeover. It’s all part of preparing them to face down the Wickeds and win. Determined not to let the Cindys down, Jess dives in with a passion. Finally, a chance to belong and show the world what she’s made of. … be careful what you wish for. Jess’s transformation wins her the heart of her dream crush and a shot at uber-popularity. Until the Wickeds–led by Jess’s arch enemy–begin targeting innocent girls in their war against the Cindys, and Jess discovers the real force behind her exclusive society. It’s a high stakes battle of good vs. evil, and the Cindys in power need Jess on special assignment. When the mission threatens to destroy her dream life come true, Jess is forced to choose between living a fairy tale and honoring the Sisterhood… and herself.

What’s a girl to do when the glass slipper fits, but she doesn’t want to wear it anymore?
It really got the message through, okay so when I had first read the synopsis I was sorta "ew" because most books about girl power are kind of dull. But this book. Totally proved me wrong. It actually made me say "There better be a sequel" And then when I got to the end and saw the sequel announcement I said "Good" This book was AMAZING. I couldnt put it down after I murdered the first few pages. As always the first few chapters were kinda eh, but once she got that silver pin in her locker, the book sped right up. Amazing idea an Im DYING to read the sequel

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets by CJ Omolulu (2010 Debut Book)

Written by Ari at 10:00 AM
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Dirty Little Secrets by CJ Omolulu
Pages: 212
Pub Date: February 2, 2010
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: For sixteen years, Lucy has kept her mother's hoarding a secret. She's had to -- nobody would understand the stacks of newspapers and mounds of garbage so high they touch the ceiling and the rotting smell that she's always worried would follow her out the house. After years of keeping people at a distance, she finally has a best friend and maybe even a boyfriend if she can play it right. As long as she can make them think she's normal. When Lucy arrives home from a sleepover to find her mother dead under a stack of National Geographics, she starts to dial 911 in a panic, but pauses before she can connect. She barely notices the filth and trash anymore, but she knows the paramedics will. First the fire trucks, and then news cameras that will surely follow. No longer will they be remembered as the nice oncology nurse with the lovely children -- they'll turn into that garbage-hoarding freak family on Collier Avenue. With a normal life finally within reach, Lucy has only minutes to make a critical decision. How far will she go to keep the family secrets safe?

Dirty Little Secrets was one of those books where you are desperate to finish it. You just need to know how the main character fixes everything. Its a terribly story. There were moments that broke my heart, and there were moments were I couldnt help but softly smile to myself. It was just gorgeous. I fell in love with Lucy as she discovered information about her mother she wish she never knew. I kinda wish we could find out how her siblings react in the end of the story. Truth be told I was looking forward to that. But nonetheless an amazing story. Beautifully written. Read it and fall in love.

Monday, August 2, 2010

13 Predictions for MOCKINGJAY

Written by Ari at 10:28 PM
Do You Agree? 
I honestly could have gone further, but I stopped at 13 for the irony of it :)
  • Haymitch will sacrifice himself for Katniss
  • Katniss will die
  • Her mother will die and she will feel guilt, as Prim misses her and is depressed, but she feels nothing.
  • The capital falls
  • President Snow chokes on blood
  • It turns out President Snow puts all the tongues of those servant thigns in a blender and consumes them. That is why his breath smells like blood.
  • Katniss becomes a dictator of all humanity
  • she LITERALLY becomes the girl on fire
  • Cinna dies of gold poisoning
  • The red head kills President Snow as he tries to kill Katniss
  • It turns out its all a terrible dream, like inception
  • It turns out her father never died, that the capital has him locked somewhere, and they are re-united at the end.


UPDATE: I realized that I forgot Peeta, and I thought of a few more ;)

Haha I realized I didnt mention Peeta in my predictions! So I CONTINUE!

  • He will be kidnapped, and kept as a slave in Kelsey Dickson's kitchen being forced to cook bread for her for the rest of time
  • He will marry Prim, because Katniss is to  good for him so he settles for second best
  • His leg magically regrows and he dies because his leg explodes, because he never takes the fake one off.
  • He becomes the spokesman for RACE FOR A CURE
  • He takes over the world and makes us all live off of bread.
  • He takes over the world and passes a law that says, just because you burn bread, doesnt mean your mother should slap you
  • He turns out to be a cyborg that trolls the earth for the rest of time tryign to find Katniss, even though she i dead.
  • He dies
  • He turns out to be gay and skips off with Gale
  • He falls in love with teh redhead
  • He shoves a knife down his throat committing suicide at teh loss of Katniss.
  • He ends up working in the mines for all eternity and ends up blowing up, just like Katniss' father, and because they are married she will be devastated, then run off to the imaginary district 13 and marry Gale.

The others:
  • Katniss ditches everyone, fakes her death, and runs off to district 13 to take over the world
  • Haymitch takes over the world, by starting with District 13.
  • They all end up dead in a ditch with their blood sucked out by President Snow
  • President Snow turns out to really be Edward Cullen and he gives Panem to Nessie as a gift, she then presumes to kill Katniss, just because she is a jealous **** who thinks she was shooting googly eyes at Jacob
  • They all commit suicide.
  • The whole series rewinds and makes it so Katniss didnt step in for Prim
  • Rue comes back from the dead and saves the world. Her superhero name is BIRD CALLER
Okay I think thats it :)


    Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr

    Written by Ari at 10:00 AM
    Do You Agree? 
    Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr
    Pages: 224
    Pub Date: October 13, 2009
    Author Website/Blog:
    Synopsis: As a pastor's kid, it's hard not to buy into the idea of the perfect family, a loving God, and amazing grace. But lately, Sam has a lot of reasons to doubt. Her mother lands in rehab after a DUI, and her father seems more interested in his congregation than his family. When a young girl in her small town goes missing, the local tragedy overlaps with Sam's personal one, and the already worn thread of faith holding her together begins to unravel.

    Definitely my favorite out of the two Sara Zarr novels I read. This one was kinda like a mystery. But it also had a broken soul. It was a nice combination. Most people tried to ignore the egging thought of who kidnapped the sweet little girl. Sadly growing up on Nancy Drew novels I cant say the same. I was like "I think its him... NO HIM!" In the end it was one person I considered but didnt hang onto for long ;) Just keep that in mind. Anyway this was just amazing. Your heart really goes out to all the characters, but I guess thats what Sara Zarr does :) Make you want to help every single person you read about that she writes. I loved this book. It was amazing and I hope you give it a chance :)
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