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Things That Are by Andrew Clements

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Things That Are by Andrew Clements
Pages: 176
Pub Date: September 18, 2008
Author Website/Blog; N/A
Synopsis: Alicia's total blindness is a harsh fact. But she still sees what's going on. She sees how her parents want her to be independent, but can't quite let go. She sees Bobby edging closer, sees their relationship approaching new territory. And she sees William, at first just another invisible form, a voice. Except William is invisible to everyone, not just Alicia. And his demands are a threat to her, to Bobby, to both their families. Perhaps even a threat to global security. That's what the FBI thinks. But is he? And is Alicia's instinct to trust this man wrong-dangerously, disastrously wrong?

In all honesty he should have left it with Things Not Seen. In my opinion that was the only book in this series that I enjoyed. These past two books were annoying. Things Hoped For, because it was all about a girl that will be mentioned only in passing in this book. This one annoyed me because it was pointless. No one cares about another invisible person. We already know the secret to invisibility and how to reverse. So why are two more books necessary? This book was just annoying. It wasnt amazing or anything. It just sat there, blankly telling a story that would have been a lot more exciting from Bobbys point of view. Im glad this series is over and I regret movie on to the sequels.

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