Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogger OF DOOM

Written by Ari at 7:57 PM
Do You Agree? 
No not me. Yes this lovely set up which i use to post.

It no let me post.

I was all happy and posting. THEN BAM. Sadness. And all reviews are gone.

I had a shiny 10 reviews all set up. ANd now? They are dead *hangs head sadly*

So I have to not only deal with school, and writing, but now also the reformation of my blog.

Ill keep this one all shiny. Odds are Im going to get fed up, and branch it off onto live journal or something also.

But that will be just in case.

Lets HOPE this doesnt die on me again (because i truly do love blogger. its just not my friend at the moment)

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