Friday, June 18, 2010


Written by Ari at 6:29 PM
Do You Agree? 
UPDATE: I contacted Lindsey Leavitt and she offered to send me some bookmarks!!

Does anyone have a few PRINCESS FOR HIRE BOOKMARKS! Like 3 or 4?! If you do could you please EMAIL ME AT teensactuallyread @ gmail . com

Also it would be appreciated if you had any book stickers or book marks or posters or totebags. Any book goodies you dont want!  If you have any of those please email me at teensactuallyread @ gmail . com

Hopefully you guys will find out next week why I ask this of you. But seriously I NEED these things. Mostly the Princess For Hire bookmarks. My friends came over and took them all. I didnt want them to, so please. Ill make it worth your while. Ill trade with you for PRINCESS FOR HIRE BOOKMARKS! I need +3 . Ill send you two bookmarks for every PRINCESS FOR HIRE BOOKMARK or one sticker for every bookmark. And then if you want to donate something ill send you one sticker for every donation. THANK YOU! Please I really need these things.

Desperately thankful,



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