Monday, March 15, 2010

Author Appreciation Week: Robin Brande

Written by Ari at 12:18 AM
Do You Agree? 
Okay so you guys have already read my rant about how sweet Robin Brande is and stuff but when it comes down to it Im still really grateful that she did that :)

So for my first Author Appreciation post of the week Im talking about Robin Brande.

Again :)

So anyway....
Robin Brande is basically like all other authors out there.
So whats so special about her that I wanted to show her off this week?

Let me just say this one thing.

Shes a science writer. Perfect for someone like me. And she brings up evolution, a favorite subject of mine.
(and shes totally sweet :D)
In my opinion (im ignoring TWILIGHT *aka book of evil* and focusing on OTHER books) she was the first to do the whole, fall in love with your science partner thing.
Which I totally love.

Thats basically what happens in EVOLUTION, ME, AND OTHER FREAKS OF NATURE
I also love how in that book she has the science teacher state, "Everyone on earth is a freak of nature."
Loved that.

Or in FAT CAT how most of the book is centered around hating her ex-friend soon to be boyfriend.

Face it, shes funny *so are her books :)* shes sweet.
Shes Robin Brande.
Totally loved ranting for a wee little bit about her :)
And meeting her :)



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