Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why I Dont.

Written by Ari at 3:40 PM
Do You Agree? 
A lot of bloggers out there decorate their blog with things like countdowns, covers, memes, and follower only contests.

A lot of you may have noticed I do not do those things. Granted I tried to participate in some memes, and I may have posted a cover once or twice. But that is it.

I try to keep this blog as easy to manage as possible. I frankly dont care about my number of followers based on the number someone else has. I may get upset about the number of people READING but thats back to my whole phobia thing. I dont cause drama here. Simple as that.

I dont try to grab attention to myself, I did when I first started blogging, but that was mostly to inform people that I am here, I am posting reviews!

A lot of people state that there are certain standards a reivew must follow. Or that there are certain things a blogger should not do. Or that there are just SOME things you dont post on your blog!

I say, go die in a hole.

Granted I basically already doing every thing they said, EVEN BEFORE THEY TOLD US TO!

Aside from that (trying to prevent a rant) I just float in the blogosphere, sometimes it can be a bad thing (i feel like no one is there) or it can be a really, really good thing. And it keeps my blog from becoming only widgets, covers, and contests.

I am sorry if I want to see an actual post on your blog, not 5 posts in one day with a cover smacked on it saying "aint it purdy"

Our job is to REVIEW! Im not going to go around telling others to do that, but I will tell you right now only expect posts like these and reviews from me.

I may not be the fastest person when it comes to reviews, and I may not write the BEST reviews, but I am honest, I tell what I think, I dont drone on and on.

I simply write a review, one that will make sure you dont get bored with me.

I dont annoy you with music, or noisy widgets.

I dont make it so my page takes forever to load. I keep it as simple as possible.

And I hope you do to.



Book Crazy Jenn said...

Your blog is beautiful, your reviews are really well thought out and meaningful - I think your doing an amazing job! Keep up the hard work - I also don't have tons of "bells and whistles" been trying to get away further and further from the meme's though I do waiting on Wed and a weekly wrap up, since they help me stay organized - and help me find some awesome titles I might not know about otherwise.

Anyway great post ;)

Ari said...

Haha thanks :) I tried the memes because people asked me to, but they were so hard to keep up with. It was honestly a hassle that wasn't worth it. So I said phooey and gave up :P

Elie said...

Interesting post Ari, I like your blog, but I think more importantly you have to like your blog. I think as bloggers, we post what we want to read. I review, but I also share book related news. For example, I love seeing new covers, so I post them. My cover LOVE? posts don't get tons of comments, but they get tons of views and the authors really appreciate the time I take to share my excitement about their books (many have emailed me and thanked me, especially debut authors). As for meme's, I only do the ones I like to read like IMM and WOW. But it is all about the blogger and what they prefer. If I only did reviews, well I don't read THAT fast so I would only have 1-2 posts a week, some weeks only l.

I do agree with you on music and an overabundance of widgets, they do slow load time.

Happy Blogging.

StephTheBookworm said...

I agree with you about a lot of this! I try to keep my blog strictly reviews! It is meme free.

Ari said...

Elie: I do agree that covers can be helpful, but its becoming more and more where people are posting more covers than reviews, I personally think authors would rather have a review, over a cover post though.

StephTheBookworm: I try also! Memes are just to time consuming, but if someone asks me to do a post for them Ill happily agree. (ie cover post)

Elie said...

I think you are completely right- review over cover-however many of these debuts reveal the covers months before even arcs are available. I am seeing covers for 2011 books coming up. I think it is all very exciting.

pussreboots said...

I go through waves of doing memes and not doing them. I like connecting with other bloggers via the memes but my main emphasis is still on writing reviews.

Ari said...

Eli: Debuts I would be willing to post a cover for, however people are posting covers for book 5 in a series, or an authors 4th book.

pussreboots: I honestly couldnt enjoy doing meme's I sometimes go around and look for small ways to connect but meme's felt like a waste of my time.

Marie said...

"Go die in a hole"


It's your blog, you can do whatever you want with it! You can write one sentence reviews if you want to! It's whatever you want it to be!

I like meme's, simply because I'm a huge survey fan lol. And because I don't write too many reviews because I like to procrastinate and I like the idea of posting something the same day of the week.

Saying that out loud made me sound like I don't make sense lol.

Cass said...

That's great. :D

I enjoy memes, because I've found SO MANY NEW BOOKS through them (Waiting on Wednesday, Teaser Tuesdays), and have had fun Blog Hopping around the place. I simply don't have the extra time to do them now, so I've kind of stopped with the memes. The only one I'll continue doing for now is IMM, because I enjoy them so much.

I really like this post, and I'm glad there are bloggers out there like this. I really dislike blogs that have music on them. I have my own music to listen to, I don't want to listen to some random thing just as I load a page, then have to find where the widget is so I can stop its stream. :S

I've lately found that just doing whatever you want to do with your blog is best, but you have to also take into account the reader: "is my blog accessible?", "does it take too long to load", etc. My blog is still new (<2 months), so I'm still trying to figure out where this blog is going, what I'm trying to do in keeping this blog...

Ari said...

Haha glad you enjoyed it! I honestly find memes a waste of time I dont have. Haha, but a lot of people simply make their blogs ONLY memes. I can understand teh procrastination aspect though, that tends to cause me problems sometimes. But then I have my moments of just rushing through writing reviews :P


Ari said...

I tried to do memes but they took me an hour to set up, and I honestly just dont have that kind of time, especially as a freshman. Its an extra hassle in my life that is pointless. Im glad you like this post :) I have found lots of blogs that were only a week old and already loaded with widgets and playlists. I actually got distracted and just listened to teh music :P

I try to make it work for everyone, I have also learned that being as nice as possible to everyone you meet in the blogging world is the best way to get your blog out there. If someone has a friendly suggestion take it into consideration. But dont redo your whole blog for them. I actually removed a few things these past few weeks to make sure my readers didnt become annoyed. Thank you for your informative comment :)


Harmony B. said...

Remembering about memes are a hassle, so I only do IMM and that's because I love vlogging and I love looking at IMMs as well!

I also don't like those blogs where it's like ONE review and memes for the rest of the thing.

It IS our job to review books, but I think posting about covers and Waiting On Wednesday are really fun and useful! I hear about a lot of books I wouldn't have heard of before because of Wows and covers are just really pretty! =P

Ari said...

Haha I got sick of posting an image, writing information, and then trying to post it on a mr.linky. and those blogs are just plain annoying :P I agree with everyone else that certain covers are good (like debuts) but authors like Alyson Noel dont need their covers posted, and then for only their books to be reviewed. I actually find out about a lot of books not through the covers and WOW but just from twitter, another reason I dont need memes :)

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