Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Author Appreciation Week: Kimberly Pauley

Written by Ari at 11:51 PM
Do You Agree? 
Kimberly Pauley is the author of two books. Sucks To Be Me and Still Sucks To Be Me.

Love her for those two books. I swear on my own life that they are teh only two vampire books I truly love *that I have read of course*

Her books yanked me out of my twilight addiction. Ive said that a few times but once again.


And shes a totally sweet person.

I seem to say a lot of people are sweet.

Guess it must be true.


Her books are HILARIOUS!
They are in a series together meanwhile one is deciding whether or not to become a vampire and one is well being a vampire :)
Gotta love that type of stuff.


She also runs YABooksCenteral which is an adorable little *okay not so little lol* site for people to read and post reviews oh and to win a lot of books.

Shes like the perfect author.

Okay granted it would be even more perfect if she could be Stephenie Meyer instead of Stephenie Meyer.

*thinks about it*

Can I imagine her books as bestsellers everywhere and awardwinning multi million dollar movies with the hottest couple in hollywood?

Uh YA!

Shes just that great.

Hopefully *crosses fingers* that can happen one day.

Cuz she totally deserves it :)


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