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Ari :)

Written by Ari at 7:03 PM
Do You Agree? 
So some of you guys asked for more personal content. So Im gonna start off with telling you guys a little about myself. (lydia and our newest blogger can do this if they choose)

Anyway my name is Ari and Im a 14 year old girl who has been reading since I was 6. I was the creepy little girl who was reading 3 grades above the class. I love to write, big fan of writing fanfiction :)

(a look at my style of fanfiction from my story Anorexics Of America)

My past was sketchy and it created a unraveled future. It led to problems for me. For others. And it led to me knowing I would have to change to ever have a chance with a guy I wanted. My mom never really wanted to admit to the world her husband was no longer much of a husband. More of a stranger who lived in her home every now and then claiming to be her husband and father of her child.
But he wasnt. My mother knew that. It led to problems. Maybe that was why 2 years ago she ended up in the hospital with a stroke. No one who knew her 5 years before hand would have pinned her as the type to have a stroke at the age of 41. It was his fault. My dads fault. He lead her there. I remember when everyone asked me how I was doing. The fact my mother was forever changed. I remember I just simply said, "Shes alive. Why should it matter how I feel?" I was desensitized. I was numb. Maybe because other than her and my father I was the only one who really knew the truth.
She had changed herself. She became a cheerleader on the side for my father. Hoping to keep him from straying so far she could no longer keep a hold on the thin rope she had. She had pushed herself to far. And one day rushing out of the house to go do something for him. It had happened. I was at school when I was asked to go to the vice principals office. They told me. I stared at them. My eyes hollowed into my skull. I could tell they felt uncomfortable. Having to sit across from me and look into my empty eyes that sunk into my skull.
Now she was no longer active. She stayed at home all day. She had given up on him. But neither divorced for real. But everyone knew. They were over. Everyday she would softly ask me how school went. I would scowl hearing her words run and trip over each other. My cousin would suck up to her. Do everything that I should have done. But never did.
Sketchy pasts lead to sketchy futures.

Yup thats one of the ways I spend my spare time. 
Im also a violin/viola/piano player. Lol fear me world and my multi musical talents!!!
I used to be a singer. Until I had to choose between violin or singing.
I can read 120 pages in an hour *completely useless fact XP*
I love rootbeer *once again USELESS*
I do weird plays all the time.
Oh and I like to take pics of random things.

Most of my friends are the ones I meet online.

*thinks* thats all i can remember right now :)
Comment if you want more about me. *less crazy info* or email me at fanfictionadict @ yahoo . com if you ever just wanna talk :)



InABox said...

Wow, I am impressed by your musical abilities!
Haha, root beer is really good and doing weird plays is fun. :-)

Ari said...

Thanks :)
And I looove it and I do weird plays all the time XP

Victoria Lee said...

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