Sunday, March 21, 2010


Written by Ari at 11:22 PM
Do You Agree? 
So I have a HUGE giveaway in the works.
Want to donate?
Im scheduling it for around starting june and ending july 4? lol.
But Im going to need A LOT of participants if this will work.
And Im going to need some sponsors/donations.
If you want to donate email me at fanfictionadict @ yahoo . com
If you want to sponsor send me an email at teensactuallyread @ along with a 150/150 picture of how you want to be sponsored.
Also please spread the word about this. The more people who know the more of a success this can be. Trust me, you WANT this giveaway to go through.
If I dont get enough sponsors/donations/participants this will NOT happen.
Which would be a real shame because I was planning on grabbing some copies of SEA if I go to california this summer....

So seriously contact me about helping out.



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