Saturday, January 30, 2010

E-Books Are Evil (Aka a post about how my rants on the evils on ebooks arent completely crazy)

Written by Ari at 10:33 AM
Do You Agree? 
Today it was announced that Amazon shall no longer sell Macmillian books over a EBOOK PRICE ARGUMENT!

I personally find this crazy. But it seriously proves my point. So about 2 weeks ago Lydia recieved a nook in the mail. She started buggering me to buy a electronic reader. I said no because they hurt other PHYSICAL BOOKS. She just brushed me off as crazy.

Well heres the proof. I have been telling and telling people that E-Books would cause the downfall for physical books. And I am correct.

Amazon is no longer selling physical Macmillian books because of E-Books.

So a note to Amazon.
Dont hurt real books. They never did anything to you.

Because really just listen. Go to any BOOKSTORE or local library and help keep physical books alive.

Because E-Books will become an IRobot thing.

Ari (or the girl who refuses to buy E-Books)


Shy said...

Hi there! I'm here from the Saturday Network.

"Dont hurt real books. They never did anything to you." What a cool saying there. I've to agree on this topic you pointed out. Even though I do have a desire to get an e-book myself, but still, I don't think that anything could beat the feeling of reading physical book: leafing through pages by pages and smell those scent of the paper. Physical book will forever be my 1st choice!

Ari said...

Woohoo!! I know. And thanks. :D

Book Crazy Jenn said...

Yep, I agree - I LOVE the look and feel of a real book, though I have been debating getting an ebook reader - but after all this...I am REALLY leaning away from the whole idea :( This whole thing is just really sad!

Ari said...

I know it is. I mean this is ridiculous. Im prepared to throw lydias out the window because of this.

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Thank you for participating in The Saturday Network!
I agree, I LOVE holding the REAL book. And, personally, I find the whole thing absurd. If Amazon wants to stop providing MacMillian books over an e-book arguement, I'd be more than glad to buy those books from B&N or somewhere else. Amazon is just losing out here. *shrugs*

Ari said...

I know. I love the feel and smell of the paper and new ink. I personally agree with you but hey some people may think other wise *shrugs*

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