Saturday, March 13, 2010

I met Robin Brande and Oh My God she is so SWEET!

Written by Ari at 4:50 PM
Do You Agree? 
So today I went down to Tucson for their second annual book fair.
My incentive? Meeting Robin Brande. 
However, I being who I am screwed up the times. 
I seriously almost lost out on my chance to meet her!
But my mom being who she is *a totally awesome straight forward person :)* explained the situation to Robin and Robin said she would talk with me :)
Awesome right? 
And she signed my books for me and talked to me until we were kicked out.
She didnt have to do that. She was totally awesome.
I loved how sweet she was. My parents kept telling me over and over again the whole drive home, "That was a really sweet thing she did." I was like "I know." And I continued to smile.
She was also really funny.
It was just amazing.
I dont think a lot of other authors would have done that.
Granted a few would but other than that....
Really Robin is so sweet. I was so lucky that she let me sit down with her and talk with her.
I loved it.
Its officially one of the best moments of my life :)


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