Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Makes A Novel A Classic (My opinion)

Written by Ari at 10:00 AM
Do You Agree? 
We all have at least one "classic" sitting on our bookshelves right now, left over from high school. It could be any  novel. The only real requirement, in our eyes as teenagers, is that it must be BORING. If a book is BORING then it is a classic. But adults turn around and claim, a classic is a novel that has been around for a certain set amount of time (that no one ever tells us) and creates an impact in society.

So does that mean in 100 years Twilight will be a classic?

I doubt it.

Now defines a classic as:
an author or a literary work of the first rank, esp. one of demonstrably enduring quality.
an author or literary work of ancient Greece or Rome.
classics, the literature and languages of ancient Greece and Rome (often prec. by the ).
an artist or artistic production considered a standard.
a work that is honored as definitive in its field: His handbook on mushrooms is a classic.

Now, honestly, I feel we cant label any book as a classic. Because honestly, when Great Expectations was first sitting there waiting to be read, no one considered it a classic. They probably treated it how all novels are for the first chunk of their career.

They ignored it.

Also, I feel that in a 100 years, if Twilight is being called a classic, then the world will end.

I wouldn't want my (some number of greats) grandchildren to be sitting in a classroom their freshmen year being handed a paranormal romance that frankly, isnt all that well written.

I wouldnt want them to sit there as their teacher tells them that it is a long lived classic.

I do NOT want them watching the movies.

There are just some things in this world that we as humans try to dissect.

Defining a book as a classic is one of those.

In my opinion we should just stop calling books classics all together! We shouldnt make one book better than the other just because of one word. We should let the books live together in peace, and stop waiting on the side lines as some are put on the tables in bookstores and others sit hidden behind best selling novels on teh shelves.

That is a major FAIL on our parts as humans. And I am going to stop doing that.

I am going to stop calling novels classics, I am going to stop giving certain novels more attention, and DARN IT Im going to tell my english teacher this! Ill print this out for her if needed!

We are letting how we pick up a book and read be chosen by adults who label them for us.

If we keep the status of classic novels, then let US as TEENS decide also. We are the ones who become confused as to what is and what isnt, and WHAT makes it a classic.

Classics, BE GONE!





Jerry Schwartz said...

I enjoyed your TWILIGHT comment. :-)

Ari said...

Haha glad someone enjoyed it :)

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