Friday, March 18, 2011

Sex In YA

Written by Ari at 1:18 AM
Do You Agree? 

Apparently its a big issue.
So ill save all of you the trouble and say this.
Teens. Find. Sex. Hilarious
Sure fourty year old women drool over sap. However I can tell you right now, every sixteen year old girl reading that same line is snorting and making fun of it.
I know. You doubt me.
I believe all my evidence lies in a story....
Sex ed. Question box time. Teacher pulls out question.
"If you have sex under water will your baby be a mermaid?"
The rest of the week was similar to this along with things involving beastiality and skittles....
So guys, ill leave it at this. Do what you want with sex in your story. It wont encourage sex, it will simple cause a boat load of giggles and skittles. (and no your baby wont be a mermaid)


Callie Kingston said...

Thanks for the great reminder that it's the adults who are stressed about the sex. Here's my blog about this (links to this page):

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