Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A True Child At Heart

Written by Ari at 12:59 PM
Do You Agree? 
Hey guys,

 I wanted to be the good daughter and get my parents something like this...

( Found on dining rooms direct )
But lets face it. Im a broke teenager :) 

So instead Im going to get something beyond adorable that I can A. afford and B. just HAVE to HAVE!!!

 (found inshoes got sole )

Yes, I know it is made for little kids. But lets face it, Im 14 and I am in LOVE with ducks!!! 

So.... Thanks to the lovely people at CSN Im going to get my sticky little hands on the duck blanket.

Yeah be jealous ;) 

Ill post a review of its softness later on!
Until then maybe you should cough up some cash and treat yourself to the bistro set ;)
Or send it to my parents XD


PS Who knows I  may end up with some other fun goodies, and then I will review their sparkliness also!


ylime1981 said...

I would buy the same thing....the cute, soft, sweet, cuddly ducks over the bistro set any day of the week. And I'm 28.

Ari said...

Lol. I love ducks. They are to adorable. And I agree with you, no matter what the age you should choose the sweet, soft, cute, cuddly ducks :)

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