Sunday, July 25, 2010

For All Us Freshies :P

Written by Ari at 8:26 PM
Do You Agree? 
Okay so while running my contest at least half of you said you were entering highschool also. So Im going to share the tips I have gotten :)

""It's not as bad as you think. Don't like you own the school because that just irks the upperclassmen. Have fun and join clubs and meet new people! It's the best thing ever!"-Bianca D.

"Hmm, do your work, send things in on time, don't mouth off to upperclassmen x)"-Joanna

"Just be yourself. Don't be annoying or fake. Do your homework. Study. Keep organized. I'm sure you probably don't have a problem doing any of these things. Stay on top of things, don't procrastinate, and you should be fine."-Leslie G

""Okay, so first of all don't necessarily leave alone the upperclassmen, they aren't as mean as people make them out to be. But you also have to know your place, your younger and even if it isn't by much, they don't care.
Don't trust anyone(girls especially), they'll backstab you.  Don't talk shit, if you do then watch out. because like I said, they'll backstab you. Don't be a procrastinator. lol Other than that have fun, it isn't as bad as people make it out to be, trust me. I just finished my freshman year. I didn't die. :D"-Natalie

"Don't get involved in the drama. it's never worth it."-Bethany B.

"Pay attention in class!!!! Do your homework! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GET IN THE HABIT OF PROCRASTINATING! And make sure you relax, and have some fun:)"-Dani S.

"Be yourself. Start your long term assignments when they are first assigned. Don't cram. Keep reading for fun (it will keep you sane). "-Sarah S.

"Just be yourself, you'll be fine!"-Erica

"I'm in 12th grade...I still don't have it all together. :S Anyway, enjoy your last few years of high school. After HS, you can bet that you won't see most of those you are forced to see everyday. Don't know if you'll be happy or sad about that. I'm pretty happy. :)"-Cass

"Try not to stress out about it too much and have a good time. This period in your life will pass way to fast. Stop and enjoy it. "-Linda H.

"Stay out of trouble"-Abishek D.

"Stick with your friends.  If you do, you won't have any problems.  =]"-Katie B.

"Make friends in all the different cliques. Have some fun and don't take life too seriously because there is plenty of time for that after you graduate."-Throughoutthehaze

"Ask teachers if you can read the text online. some have this and its great for people like me that walk home every day with pounds of books on their backs.  Enjoy it!"-Amanda B.

"Don't ask for directions from anyone other than teachers. And, if you're school's a s big as mine, KEEP a map with you at all times!"-Kisha

"1. DRESS COMFY. You may want to look stylish, but if you're pants are too tight (aka showing your butt crack), or your shirt is too long (aka we can see your boobs), ZERO cool points for you.
2. You can't go wrong with a Jansport backpack, or a messenger bag, to carry you're stuff in. Yep, that's the way to go.
3. Pack a snack, because GASP...what if you got stuck with Lunch D that's at like 12:50?! Can you say HUNGRY?
4. DO NOT BE A CHEERLEADER. Run track, play golf, be on yearbook staff, or even do gymnastics! Just no cheerleading. It's stupid.
5. I've learned that teachers get mad if you read novels during their class. Haven't figured out why yet."-Kelsey D.

Thank you all so much for helping me out so far and for helping out all the new freshman!! We really appreciate your advice, because frankly we are scared out of our little freshman minds!!!



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