Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Experiment: Dare Me Thursday

Written by Ari at 9:31 AM
Do You Agree? 
Ive been having ideas run around in my head *aw my lovely little rats (aka brain)* about maybe doing one of those weekly things *im to lazy to find out the difference between a meme and a feature* So I decided to try something I *hope* no one has done before.

Dares. What do you guys say? Would you be interested in that?

You would submit the dares every Wednesday on a post and then on Thursday I would post how I did the dare! What do you think? This a test run. IF it works out Ill make a normal thing on here. But ONLY if I get a good response.

So shall we try it out? Comment with dares! They shall be picked at random!!


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