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The Boy Book by E Lockhart

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The Boy Book by E Lockhart
Pages: 224
Pub Date: April 22, 2008
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: Join Ruby Oliver at the start of her junior year at Tate Prep as she confronts:
- the secret about Noel
- mysterious notes from Jackson
- the interpretation of boy-speak
- the horrors of the school trip
- new entries in The Boy Book
There are Fruit Roll-Ups.
There is upper-regioning.
There are so many boys to choose from!
And there are penguins.

Only Ruby can keep her readers on her side even as those around her wonder, What is she thinking?!
Book two in the Ruby Oliver series. Once again perfectly hilarious. This one dealt with something Ruby held close to her heart before Kim betrayed her. The boy book. A book filled with all the information needed on boys. How to get a guy, how to go to certain stages with a boy, EVERYTHING! I found this just perfect for any teenage girl that has issues in the world of dating, I mean we all do. Right? Well this book is just AMAZING, I really suggest it as a good way to kill some of that boredom that accumulates over summer break.


Victoria Lee said...

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