Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some Balance In My World

Written by Ari at 9:26 PM
Do You Agree? 
Ive decided my small little world needs a little bit of balance. Ive just been so overwhelmed with school, and writing, and running this blog.
I also feel that if I find a way to balance all three worlds out, the "left in the dust" thing will slowly become less of an issue, because my life wont be centered around this blog.
Im sorry about doing this to you guys but I thought long and hard about it.

My new schedule for the week is currently as stated below (subject to change)

Tuesday-Trying to promote the blog (if you want to help, PLEASE, I need all the help possible)
Wednesday- Me time. 
Friday-Me Time
Saturday-Short post and promotion
Sunday-Me Time

Thank you, you guys. You have all been so understanding and amazing so just... thank you for understanding this is something I need to do. Its just healthier for me. 

I just feel, I should be putting in as much effort that I am receiving from readers. If I have few readers, then I will put my best effort. If I had tons of readers, I would be putting forth a great step of excellence, such as 3 paragraph reviews (if you wanted them) or updating every other day.

Really though, thank you for being able to understand I am a human. I wish I could be superwoman. But Im not.



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