Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Sadness That Fills My Soul....

Written by Ari at 9:25 PM
Do You Agree? 
Ya, back to the whole, "left in the dust" thing...

Its just... as you sit there and see all your friends going somewhere in the blogging world. And your sitting there. With your blog empty.

As they enjoy their success you paste on a plastic smile and tell them how happy you are for them.

You arent. Your filled with jealousy.

You want it to be you.

They talk with authors. They have requests for reviews thrown at them. They are asked to do everything.

And what are you doing?

Your sitting in your room alone.

Reading a book you got from the library.

Because whenever you try to reach out to a publisher.

They brush you off.

So you die a little more inside with each attempt.

Until you are writing a post like this.

For all my friends who are going somewhere with their blogs, Im sorry if this has made you feel guilty.

As for me. I guess Ill continue to be stuck reading library books.


Marie said...

Don't be sad! Success comes in all sorts of different ways. Your blog should be up because you love to share your love for books (I'm NOT saying that you're NOT). Just because a publisher doesn't respond, doesn't mean they brushed you off. They get tons of emails on a daily basis and probably haven't reached yours yet. Believe me, I've waited months for a response before.

Try reaching out to them on Twitter if they seem to respond to their @ replies there. Or ask an author if you have a request.

Have you signed up for NetGalley yet? They offer free ARC's as ebooks. I know it's a drag to read on your PC, but it's not so bad once you get use to it. Plus, an ARC is an ARC :)

Cheer up!

Book Crazy Jenn said...

HEY girl, dont be so sad :) What about ARC tours, I know the shipping stinks but at only like 3 dollars it's not too bad, and there's tons of great one's out there...I just got Stork from one the other day and really enjoyed it!


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