Monday, September 20, 2010

Interview With Elizabeth Kolodziej

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Do You Agree? 
Sooo I was lucky enough to get to interview Elizabeth Kolodziej about her and her book Vampyre Kisses. 
It was actually really cool because I got to sit there going  
"Hmm how can I think of a creative yet fun question?" 
SO! Shall we begin? I say we begin :)

This is a commonly asked question, but I need to know, a lot of authors tend to have regrets about what they could have brought up about the cover, whats your opinion on the cover?
Actually, my first idea for the cover was completely different. I wanted to have Faith’s face on the cover with two little bite marks on her wrist. But it just wouldn’t come out right. I couldn’t find an artist to do it right and I didn’t want to use a real person. I finally figured out that my image of Faith in my head was just not something I could have put out. So it took awhile but the picture of New York in black and white was great because that is where it takes place and the rose dripping blood symbolized the vampire. Everyone really seems to get a kick out of it. I ended up loving it!

Okay not really much of a question but its been poking at me, why is it Vampyre, is it something you or your publisher came up with?
Well, Vampire Kisses is the name of another book. I found that out when I wanted to publish it so it needed to be changed. But I just couldn’t think of another title that suited the story since the Vampire Kiss was such a big thing to me. So I thought it over and I decided to use the y in Vampyre as a tribute to how vampire was originally spelled for the first vampire story by John William Polidori.

You said that you were trying to write a paranormal story that hasnt been done before, but it really seemed like a medley of what has been done, is this the case, or was it just a spur of the moment?
I do not think this story is really similar to anything that has been written before. But I haven’t read every book ever written for the paranormal world. When you read this book you will find for one the rarity of the love between a witch and vampire along with the way that I blend mythology with my own ideas. This story is in my opinion original and from what the reviewers say it is very different from what people think it is going to be like.

How did you manage to maintain a good balance between so many supernatural creatures? It seems almost as if it would get confusing and difficult to write a story with more than 2 different kinds.
The way that I do this, and make it a great series, is that I try to focus on one of the supernatural beings for the book. In Vampyre Kisses, a lot of information is given about vampires and their history. Where as in the second book lots of information will be towards the werewolf history. It can get a little much for me at times with there being so many creatures in my stories but I keep lots of notes and graphs. It helps to be organized. Plus my mind is just all over the place so it really does end up working out.

And now for a true Ari question, that doesnt pertain to your book at all, just for fun ;) What is your opinion about global warming? (Do NOT be serious)
I find global warming to be a problem that might be fixed if people would just stop farting.

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