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A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

Written by Ari at 12:00 PM
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A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Pages: 432
Pub Date: March 22, 2005
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: It's 1895, and after the suicide of her mother, 16-year-old Gemma Doyle is shipped off from the life she knows in India to Spence, a proper boarding school in England. Lonely, guilt-ridden, and prone to visions of the future that have an uncomfortable habit of coming true, Gemma's reception there is a chilly one. To make things worse, she's been followed by a mysterious young Indian man, a man sent to watch her. But why? What is her destiny? And what will her entanglement with Spence's most powerful girls -- and their foray into the spiritual world -- lead to?
Yawn. Ive heard great things about this book but they must have been simply talking about the plot. Because the book itself was slow. It took me forever to plow through it. Now maybe its me. But then again my friends have had trouble reading this book also. Dont get me wrong once I murdered the first half of the book *the hardest part to get through in my opinion* it was easy to skip through the rest of it. It was an interesting story, but really? Did it have to spend so much just talking about needless things? It got confusing with the whole suicide/killed by monster thing. *sighs* I am going to read the sequel but will I regret it?


Dahlia (TheBookShopaholic) said...

I'm sorry you didn't like it. I haven't read it, but I'm sure I would feel the same way, no kidding.

Morgan said...

I've heard wonderful things about this book, but it's nice to hear someone saying it wasn't their favorite. I don't think this is my kind of book either but maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks for your honest review!

Ari said...

Dahlia: It was okay. Im glad Im not alone then though :)

Morgan: I heard amazing things also but really I didnt fall in love with it. Im glad you liked the fact that I honestly stated that I didnt enjoy it :)

Marie said...

I have this in my TBR pile, it sounds like an interesting plot and I'm always up for anything having to with history.

I just hope it's not as boring for me as it was for you :).

I think it's cool how books have different reactions from different people. Like for example, I hated Time Travelers Wife but I know a bunch of people who swear it's the best love story ever.

Ari said...

The plot is interesting, just slow. I hope you do enjoy it and I agree on the Time Travelers Wife thing. Granted I am on the side that is just completely in love with the story, but I can understand where you are coming from :)

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