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1/2 day for us equals DOUBLE the books for YOU (Sweet Life of Stella Madison by Lara M. Zeises + Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters)

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 1/2 Day For Us Equals DOUBLE The Books For YOU (Sweet Life of Stella Madison by Lara M. Zeises + Between Mom And Jo by Julie Anne Peters)

Sweet Life of Stella Madison by Lara M. Zeises
Pages: 240
Pub Date: July 14, 2009
Synopsis: It's not easy being the daughter of a famous chef and a restaurant owner when your idea of a great meal is the kind that's served via a drive-through window. Seventeen-year-old Stella Madison's food-loving parents have been separated for years, but they're still as sweet to each other as can be, which is just the way Stella likes it. When their connections help her land a summer job at the local newspaper, the salary is hard to resist. There's only one catch: she's expected to write about food.
Now Stella will need all the advice she can get to complete her assignments. Luckily, she has Jeremy, the hot new intern at her mom's restaurant, who's more than happy to help. Soon, Stella can't stop thinking about Jeremy--but where does that leave Stella's boyfriend, Max, who recently dropped the L-word? If that's not confusing enough, her dad's interest in the pretentious programming director of the Food Network seems to go beyond the culinary, and it looks like her mother might be cooking up a romance of her own….

I loved this book, although there were a few parts I would rather have skipped. Like the constant, "Who do I choose," pages. But this was a great book, sadly I happen to be a fan of foodie teen books and this one was different from the others, not in the way I was expecting. I was looking for more of a food book trying to discover a little more about the character, not her confusing love life. However I simply loved the portion about how she found out about her parents, that was pure teen writer, I loved it. Usually I shy away from the over done world of teendom that books tend to follow but this one brought that world in and still kept me reading.
Between Mom And Jo by Julie Anne Peters
Pages: 240
Pub Date: April 1, 2008
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: Nick has a three-legged dog named Lucky, some pet fish, and two moms who think he's the greatest kid ever. And he happens to think he has the greatest Moms ever, but everything changes when his birth mom and her wife Jo start to have marital problems. Suddenly, Nick is in the middle, and instead of having two Moms to turn to for advice, he has no one.Nick's emotional struggle to redefine his relationships with his parents will remind readers that a family's love can survive even the most difficult times.
I think there is only one word to describe this book, sad. The last 5 chapters that was all I did. I fell in love with this book, because it gave me a even wider look at the world that I am still learning about. Months ago I would have stuck my tongue out and said no to this book. Simply because it focused on the lives of lesbians. But now. Oh god I think Im going to be reading a lot more books like this from now on. This story focuses on the difficult life of Nick, a child of two lesbians. For most of his life they loved each other but always had problems. But it eventually boils down to where its all over. And Nick simply cant handle it any more. This book had a lot of tragedy and I realized that this is how it actually was for teenagers and children of Lesbians. Even if your a homophobe I recomend this book because well, its a great read for everyone. It shows a real world that you may have always misunderstood.


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