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Gemma by Meg Tilly

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Warning: Not meant for readers under the age of 15. Read at your own risk.
Gemma by Meg Tilly
Pages: 160 Pages
Pub Date: February 16, 2010
Synopsis: After Hazen Wood kidnaps 12 year-old Gemma Sullivan, the two embark upon a cross-country journey that tests the limits of Gemma's endurance. In graphic scenes of physical and sexual violence, Hazen tries to destroy the young girl's will. It is only Gemma's childlike resilience and fertile imagination that protect her from the worst of the abuse she suffers. And in the end, the healing power of unconditional love gives Gemma the courage to speak out against her abuser at last--reclaiming her dignity as a human being.

Gemma was a horrific book that constantly left an image of every last word lingering in your brain. Nothing was what you expected. I couldnt put this book down, the shock preventing me, yet also pushing me to read more. It seemed as though the book had no ending with how many things happened at once. Although towards the end the book became more heart-warming this book was mostly focused on the life of Gemma, a girl who is forced into sleeping with her moms boyfriend and soon sold to another man. This man Hazen later kidnaps Gemma unable to take her off his mind. I found Hazen a disturbed man for falling in love with a 12 year old over sleeping with her and imagining all these horrible things you wouldnt expect to find happening. Gemma tried several times through out the book to escape Hazen but constantly fails. Her hate for him grows through the book as he does thing such as hurt her, flush her beloved turtle, and blame her for their exposure. She suffers endless torture that doesnt end even at the end of the book. However she is taken into a new loving home, after crushing realization taht her mother no longer wanted her. The new home she is taken into is that of the police officer who helped save her from Hazen. This book is truly one Ill never forget and I hope to read more novels by Meg Tilly.


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