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Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature by Robin Brande

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Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature by Robin Brande
 Pages:  272
Pub Date: Janruary 13, 2009
Synopsis: Your best friend hates you. The guy you liked hates you. Your entire group of friends hates you. All because you did the right thing. Welcome to life for Mena, whose year is starting off in the worst way possible. She's been kicked out of her church group and no one will talk to her—not even her own parents. No one except for Casey, her supersmart lab partner in science class, who's pretty funny for the most brilliant guy on earth. And when Ms. Shepherd begins the unit on evolution, school becomes more dramatic than Mena could ever imagine . . . and her own life is about to evolve in some amazing and unexpected ways.

I had read this book expecting something as amazing as Fat Cat. I was met with something even better. This book showed how seperation of church and state causes issues all the time in school, especially when studying evolution. So when Mena first meets her lab partner I already tell myself, "Just wait at the end of this book they will be together." Although Robin Brande brings into play that classic scenario I still loved this book. Honestly there were a few points were I jumped up screaming, "I JUST KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN!" and others were I was like, "wasnt expecting that." Or I was just purley confused and had a dumb struck look on face wondering what was going on. Although confusing and some what predictable I loved that about this book. Not something you would hear all the time. I found that there were a lot of moments I felt like hurting, or hugging one of the characters. Another great quality about this book. You actually get to connect with all the characters. Supporting, major, or even insignifigant. This book connects with people. There were a few parts I was just frustrated with how some characters were acting and I was ready to throw the book out the window. But what is to be expected, I find a lot of books do that. This one though a minute later would change my mind and have me go, "Oh scratch that, I will continue reading."

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