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Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Written by Ari at 5:41 PM
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Wings by Aprilynne Pike
Pages: 320
Pub Date: April 6, 2010
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: When a flower blooms in the middle of her back, Laurel discovers that she is a faerie and was placed with human parents as a child. As Laurel learns about her true background and the dangers that face the faerie realm, she struggles to find her place in both worlds.

Okay I swear I am not one of the girls who read this JUST because Miley Cyrus is playing Laurel. No I was just wandering through Costco looking for a book to read. This was the only one that looked interesting. I really enjoyed it. It was cute. In a weird, alien sorta way :) I really liked it. Now I wont say its my number 1 favorite book out there. But I really liked it. The beginning was eh, but it got better. Short book, not good with the slow ending. Most of the good stuff happens in the last 50 pages. But oh well. The message was cute, the whole idea is just cute.


Marie said...

I loved the spin on faries/fairy's... I think this one is fairy... I never know the difference! It was a really cute story and though I should be leaning for David, I'm kinda leaning for Tam lol. I had no idea that Miley is actually playing the main character. As much as I kinda like Miley, I hope she's not!

Ari said...

Lol. I agree with you on teh miley thing. And I love tam. With hsi green hair. Lol. And its Faerie because they are part plant. Fairy is like a bug/bird.

Book Crazy Jenn said...

LOL Alien sorta way, that's GREAT! :)

Ari said...

Lol well it is.cute isn't really applied to flowers bursting out of backs

Anonymous said...

Ari, I am sure you read it because it got such a wonderful review by Stephenie Meyer. You must trust Meyer's opinion greatly and enjoy her work!

Ari said...

Mmmm now I guess that would be a reason to read it.

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