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Fresh Off The Boat by Melissa De La Cruz

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Fresh Off The Boat by Melissa De La Cruz
Pages: 256
Pub Date: April 23, 2005
Author Website/Blog:
Synopsis: Dear Peaches,
America is PERFECT! I love it here. I wish you could come visit -- we could go shopping on Market Street and you could meet all my new friends. . . .
Okay, so Vicenza isn't being totally honest with Peaches, her best friend back in Manila. But what fun is it being the new girl at snooty Grosvernor High? Or rooting through the Salvation Army for unholey cashmere sweaters? Or having culture-shocked, embarrassingly clueless parents? Maybe being Claude Caligari's ignored geometry partner is sort of fun, but Vicenza would rather be his girlfriend . . . or at least his date to the annual fancy-schmancy Soire d'Hiver.
But Vicenza won't be friendless, fashionless, or "fresh off the boat" for long -- it's only a matter of time before she sees what's right before her eyes and her luck begins to change.

Naw. Heart breaking :( I mean. It tried to seem uplifting but this girls life is just down the drain. And she has no idea WHY her life is down the drain. I just feel so bad for her :( I mean she went from a life of brilliance and glamor to having lawn chairs in her living room. She's desperately holding onto a scholarship at a school where it seems like she just doesnt fit in. This girl has the worst of it. Its just a sad story. I mean its AMAZING. But its SAD. It just makes you look on whats happening in our country right now and go "maybe its not that amazing that we are sending people out." this story just supports the idea that these people are coming here for better lives. This also shows poverty, but not in the way everyone imagines it. Granted this story was written before the recession but it is encompassing the situation most americans are stuck in right now. if you havent read this book yet, read it. Youll fall in love.


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