Friday, April 16, 2010

It just makes me sick....

Written by Ari at 12:27 AM
Do You Agree? 
It just makes me sick that some people sink so LOW to get books!

In the past month I have read more blog posts about people in the blog-o-sphere doing things like PLAGIARISM! HARASING AUTHORS! *in a non playful way like me and Heidi R Kling. She knows I am not trying to be cruel or anything. She knows I am joking* CREATING CONFLICT WITH OTHER BLOGGERS!

Do you guys agree with me?!
These things are just wrong.

Kristi at the Story Siren just wrote a post about how someone has been plagiarizing off of 3 AMAZING bloggers! *I hadnt heard of them, but I went and looked and I really liked what they wrote.*

These three bloggers were.... *only one I knew about before hand and I love her reviews*

These are all AMAZING bloggers! Why plagarize off of them?
The reason most likely *this from the thinking of a teenager* If these plagarizers were teens, they were most likely thinking, "Im just in this for the books. Who cares if its not something I write? I get away with it in school! I have better things to do, like sit in front of the TV and watch porn and bad disney sit-coms instead of putting energy into writing a 150-250 word review!"

Yeah, they were probably thinking that. But hey thats just me, a teenager, someone who sometimes thinks those things!

But guess what! I am a fourteen year old girl! Some days I just throw my book at the wall and scream, "Why the hell do I even review books!"

And then I remember. There are some people out there, even if it doesnt show, that are READING my stuff! They like it!

I would probably MURDER someone if they plagarized my work. Because lets be honest it would be pretty obvious with my nutty little comments planted here and there!

I remember I read a blog post (this blog post ) and I was just thinking to myself, "Bloggers are like that? But I havent done any of these things! Im just starting off! I only have relationships with authors through talking with them constantly!"

For example. When I started off blogging I had no idea what I was doing. The original name of this blog! Was  "BA-Bookaholics Anonymous" I was muttering off short nothings about books that I checked out from the library. But I slowly waded my way through the blog-o-sphere picking up little ideas here and there! But they were only ideas! Simple things like how to format a review! Even that I managed to personalize! Everyones is different. Or how I do giveaways! I was just blindly trying to figure that out until I found out bloggers use Google Docs! I wasnt doing anything wrong! I was just trying to figure out what I was doing!

Its simple. Getting basic info like formatting a review, or how to host a contest is an OKAY thing  to take from a bunch of other blogs, just put your own twist on it! However just summing up what they said without linking to it is WRONG! You dont DO it!

I follow the rules. So I am just angered at this.

If you are doing any of things I have ranted about or normal people have mentioned in one of the links posted above then STOP IT! Your hurting us! We get nothing out of this! I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars buying books! *and bookshelves*

Realize that taking a good review and claiming it will not get a publisher to give you free ARCs!

You are going to lose. You will get caught, you will get in trouble, and it will NOT end pretty.

So just stop it.

You dont want to get caught. End it before it gets ugly.


Marie said...

All these posts about people copying other people makes me sad. I remember when someone copied a blog entry I wrote about my boyfriend and took it and just changed the names. I was BEYOND pissed. Who the hell thinks of doing that?

If you can't write you own entries... maybe you shouldn't have a blog! UGH!

Ari said...

I know. Thats why I finally put something. Almost everything I have read has been about people abusing their rights to a blog and such. Im so grateful that I havent had anything like that happen to me yet. And if it did I just hope someone would point it out, considering my posts are so unique in their own way. I know. Its just pathetic. I just roll my eyes and go f*** you. People need to grow up.

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